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Second and Fourth Saturday 9.00am - Noon: Bring your brush to the Covington Park Baseball Field parking lot between 9:00 AM and Noon, and let the MV Fire Safe Council use their chipper to dispose of it for you. If you canít meet these hours, please contact the Fire Safe Council Advocate,
Ron at 760-831-0394.

The Fire Safe Council, the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection, and other organizations have developed several educational brochures that homeowners may use to help protect themselves from damaging wildfires. The brochures are free to the public and may be downloaded. Click here

"Defend Your Space"
Against Wildfire"

  • Clear flammable vegetation 30 feet from your house or buildings. (Or to property line)
  • Remove leaves, needles or other vegetation on roofs, gutters, decks, porches etc.
  • Remove all dead or dying trees, branches, shrubs adjacent to or overhanging buildings.
  • Landscape using fire resistant plants. Contact the Morongo Valley Fire Department for a list.
  • Maintain an adequate irrigation system so that the landscape is kept at its optimal moisture level. Increase irrigation during fire season especially during hot, dry or windy days.
  • Acquire the mandatory burn permit from the Morongo Valley Fire Department whenever using an open flame; follow the rules carefully.
  • Maitain a clean chimney and use a spark arrester.
  • Develop an evacuation plan for the family, pets and livestock.
The Morongo Valley Fire Safe Council is a registered non-profit organization, operates on grant money and donations to provide services to keep our community fire safe.

Call Ron 760-831-0394

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