Morongo Valley Fire Department
11207 Ocotillo PO BOX 46
Morongo Valley CA. 92256

  1. No burning will be allowed without written consent of the property owner.
  2. Area around burn piles must be cleared of all debris, flammable materials, tree and shrubs for a distance of 30 Feet.
  3. Minimum distance between piles is 30 feet.
  4. Minimum distance from piles to any power lines or property lines is 50 Feet in all directions.
  5. Maximum pile size allowed is 6 feet diameter X 5 feet high.
  6. All fires will be extinguished by 12 Noon, without any remaining smoke, embers, or hot spots.
  7. No tires, palm logs, trash, plywood, lumber, or rubbish of any type may be burned.
  8. You must have a copy of the burn permit with you at the burn site when you are burning.
  9. Fires shall Not be lit, each morning, until MVFD at 760-363-6211 and Dispatch at 909-881-6916 has been notified directly.
  10. No burning is allowed anytime the wind exceeds 5 mph. Due to atmospheric conditions, if smoke does not freely rise up and away from inhabited areas, you must stop burning and extinguish all fire.
  11. There must be at least _______ able-bodied adults at the burn area at all times during your burning operation.


        ( ) Must have means of contacting 911 in case of emergency.
        ( ) Must have hand tools for fire control.
        ( ) Must have water available at the site.
        ( ) Must have a water tanker available at the site.
        ( ) Must have a tractor or bulldozer at the site.
        ( ) May have active flame in only one pile at a time.

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