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Phone Numbers:

For non-emergency questions or information, please call the Fire Department at:
(760) 363-6211

For information about the Apprentice Firefighter program, please call:
(760) 363-6454

To send a fax to the Morongo Valley Fire Department:
(760) 363-6774

Morongo Valley Fire Department

Mission Statement

The mission of the Morongo Valley Fire Department is to save lives and protect property, provide an adequate level of service at a reasonable cost to the residents, workers and visitors of the Morongo Valley. This is accomplished through a sincere commitment to the community by a firefighting force that is dedicated to a continual training program and personal commitment to providing quality services to their community.

About The Department:

The Morongo Valley Fire Department covers an area of approximately 30 square miles and an un-official population estimated at around 5000. It is governed by a locally elected 5 person Community Service District Board. The staffing of the Department is provided by a Fire Chief and Fire Captains who supervise a staff of non-paid Apprentice Firefighters.

The threat of wildfire in Morongo Valley is very real. On the State's scale for fire risk, Morongo Valley is rated "Highest". Additionally , it is adjacent to Federal, State and County Wildlands (BLM, San Bernardino National Forest, Joshua Tree National Monument), creating an "Urban Interface Risk". This means that a fire in the Wildlands could spread into the residential areas and visa versa. Fire season is determined by the State Fire Agency C.D.F. It is based upon weather patterns and fuel conditions. The season generally begins around the middle of May and is generally closed at the end of October. Morongo Valley has an unusually high underground water table. This allows for much more vegetation to grow than is typical in a desert environment. The result is an almost year round High Fire Danger in the Morongo Valley area caused by the thick and dense levels of vegetation. The declared Fire Season is a state of heightened readiness. Burn permits are avaiable at the Morongo Valley Fire Department.

Apprentice Firefighter Program:

The Morongo Valley Fire Department staffs the Firefighter positions by using Apprentice Firefighters. These Firefighters have paid their own way through an accredited Community College Fire Academy and EMT school. They volunteer a minimum of one 24-hour shift per week in exchange for the hands on experience and opportunity to work as a front-line Firefighter. While some Southern California Fire Departments have Volunteer & Reserve programs, most do not. Those that do quite often have limitations on what the Volunteer & Reserve personnel can do. In Morongo Valley the Apprentice Firefighter is the line level Firefighter responsible for all the duties of a traditional full-time Firefighter. That is why most Apprentice Firefighters drive 2-3 hours each way from throughout Southern California to complete their 24-hour shift in Morongo Valley . The Apprentice Firefighter is also eligible for college level work experience credit for the hours they volunteer in Morongo Valley . This valuable experience leads to higher levels of professional certification and an increased marketability for the Firefighter seeking full-time employment. Obtaining full-time employment in the Fire Service is a very competitive challenge. It is not unusual at all for several thousand applicants to compete for 2-3 vacant positions in a Fire Department. Many Morongo Valley Apprentice Firefighters have gone on to full-time employment in the Fire Service throughout California and other parts of the country. These graduates of the Apprentice program work for all types of Fire Departments from municipal departments like L.A. CITY , to the California Department of Forestry & Fire Protection and the United States Forest Service. Most say the experience and certifications they received in Morongo Valley is what gave them the extra edge to get the job. The utilization of Apprentice Firefighters allows the Morongo Valley Fire Department to staff the Department 24-hours a day, 365 days a year on a consistent basis at a much lower expense than a similar sized Department with fully paid staff. If you are interested in applying for the Apprentice Firefighter Program, please click here. Contact

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