July 18, 2008

Morongo Valley Tennis Court Key Application: Renewal

Dear Morongo Valley Tennis Player:

    The Morongo Valley Community Services District has utilized a lock-and-key system for the tennis courts at Covington Park since 2002. The system helps discourage improper use of the courts as well as vandalism to the nets and court surface.
   The fees are $36 for MV residents (or only $3.00 per month) and $48 for non-residents (only $4.00 per month). If you paid for a key within the last 12 months, your renewal fee will be prorated accordingly.
   The tennis court lock will be changed beginning July 15, 2008. If you wish to renew your Covington Park courts key, please fill out the application on the back of this letter and return it along with a check made out to the MVCSD (memo: Tennis key) for $36. (MV residents) or $48. (non-residents) and a new key will be issued. Please return the old key with the application.
   For your convenience, you may mail the application, check, and old key along with a self-addressed envelope and we will mail out the new key along with a receipt. If you’d prefer to come by the office, we are opened M-W-F from 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM. If these hours are not convenient, please call the CSD Office at 363-6454 - I often work later than 5:00 and can make arrangements for you to pick up when convenient.
   An additional windscreen is on order for the South fence and benches are planned for the courts. We hope you will have the opportunity to enjoy these improvements. Thank you for supporting your local Parks and Recreation programs.
   Meg Foley

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