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Community Services District
CSD meeting will be on 2/21/12 at 11:30 a.m. at Covington Park
(2-1-12) << Agenda

Some items on the Agenda - See Agenda for full details.
  1. Discuss, amend and approve General Manager's job Description
  2. Discuss, amend and approve General Manger's Salary & Benefits
  3. Discuss amend and approve Meg Foley Vacation Pay out
  4. Public Participation: Members of the public are invited to address the board on closed session items prior to the Board going into closed session.


At the CSD meeting, Wednesday February 1, 2012 the'CHUCK OSBORNE VOLUNTEER OF THE YEAR' was chosen.
This award was created in 2008 to pay tribute to individuals who during the year volunteered 'above and beyond'. Although many were nominated, there can only be one person or couple or orginization who can hold the title of 'VOLUNTEER OF THE YEAR'. Applications were available and everyone in the community was encouraged to nominate the person or persons or organization of their choice. This year’s nominees are: Carrie Sessum, Chuck & Debbie Harris, Jody Gooden, Linda Bailey & The Clean Team.
The 'CHUCK OSBORNE VOLUNTEER OF THE YEAR' recipient s are Linda Bailey & The Clean Team, they will receive their award at the next CSD meeting on February 15, 2011. Meeting time 7:00 PM. In the multipurpose room Thank you Linda Bailey and the Clean Team for all you do.
Thank you also to all those who were nominated and to those who contribute to our community every day, you are greatly appreciated.


Talented, creative problem solver needed to manage Community Services District for unique, blossoming, rural, desert community with a population of approximately 4,000 residents. Manager is Community, CSD Board & Government Liaison. Requires strong communication and supervisory skills. Understanding of fire department operations, Human Resource experience and grant writing a plus. Application period is open until Closure by Action of the CSD Board of Directors. Send resume to MVCSD P.O. Box 46, Morongo Valley, CA 92256


The Board of Directors of Morongo Valley Community Services District is hereby serving public notice that one (1) vacancy does now exist on the Board of Directors of the Moeongo Valley Community Sercices District due to the resignation of director Richard Brewer.

Therefore, the Board of Directors does now hereby announce its intention to fill this term. The CSD will hereby accept application for appointment to directorship of the Morongo Valley Community Services Diestric Board of Directors no later then 3 p.m. February 13, 2012

Application are available at the CSD office located at 11207 Ocotillo Street, Morongo Valley.

For position qualifications or additional information, please call the CSD office at (760) 363-6454


Did you know that Morongo Valley has its own form of government? Many people don’t realize we are a Community Services District (CSD) and that our Community’s business is conducted by a 5 member Board of elected local citizens. All serve as volunteers and are unpaid for representing us (they are perhaps the only CSD Board in the State who do not draw a meeting stipend!). A special district is a separate local form of government that delivers a limited number of public services to a geographically limited area.

The Morongo Valley CSD was formed in 1958 and oversees the Fire Department, Parks, libraries and street lighting - most other services are provided by the County of San Bernardino or State of California.

There are 2 types of special districts: independent and dependent. Dependent districts are administrative extensions of cities or counties and depend on another unit of government, like a County Board of Supervisors, for their existence. Independent districts are directly responsible to their constituents and are created by local petition. The Morongo Valley CSD is an independent district.

The main source of funding for the Morongo Valley CSD is from property tax allocations, a benefit assessment, fire & park fees and grants. 1% of our property tax bills are allocated to San Bernardino County. The CSD receives 20% of the County’s 1% allocation. In other words for every $1.00 paid by a resident of Morongo in property taxes only 0.2 of one cent is received by the CSD. The benefit assessment directly funds fire department operations. The paramedic services, added when the benefit assessment passed, are funded from general funds. The Paramedic Program allows us to offer upgraded medical services via the Fire Department. The closest ambulance service is located in Joshua Tree, often a 30 minute response time, away. Since over 60% of department calls are for medical aids, the Board of Directors felt strongly about bringing enhanced service to the Morongo Valley residents. Fire Services operational expenses constitute over 70% of the annual budget.

The CSD is able to provide quality, local services by running a combination paid and volunteer Fire Department. A small core of paid personnel staff the engine, and offer paramedic and administrative duties 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year. Volunteers are Fire Academy graduates who volunteer in exchange for furthering their certifications and training opportunities while serving Morongo Valley. The only other personnel are the General Manager, a park groundsman and a part time office worker. The General Manager is the Board secretary and is responsible for office administration, human resources, grant writing and administration, budget & policy oversight and representation of the community on the County and State level. The groundsman is responsible for landscaping duties, watering, sprinkler repair, trash removal and pruning. MVCSD and FD positions are paid approximately half the rate paid to comparable positions at the County or State level and are not offered retirement benefits.


Hap Trowbridge finishes his term as a Morongo Valley Community Services District Director in early December. Hap served most of his term as Park’s Commissioner. During his tenure many grant funded park improvements were made to Parks: new restrooms at the Baseball field and Covington Park; resurfaced tennis court; expanded skate park; resurfaced pavilion; new water tank; installation of electric system for events and refurbished storage building. Hap also started the MV Youth Commission, served as a fundraiser for the Morongo Valley Youth Softball League and was on the Fiesta Committee. He multi-tasked at monthly meetings and taped all CSD meetings during his term. Thank you for four years of selfless service to the Morongo Valley Hap – best wishes!

Unlike most elected officials, MVCSD Directors volunteer their service to our community. Most CSD Directors and councilman receive, at a minimum, a monthly stipend for meeting attendance, our Directors elected to leave those funds in the budget to benefit the community. At the December meeting, newly elected Johnny Tolbert will be installed. Johnny will be joined by Chuck Osborne, who begins his 5th term and Michael J. Francis, 2 year term, in taking their oaths.

March 2010 CSD Changes Meeting Date to Wednesday

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