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Covington Park was established in 1962 when the Covington Family deeded the land to the community for use as a park. The CSD Directors realized the environmental significance of the area and declared the Park a “Bird Sanctuary” in 1964. Covington Park is buffered by 35 acres leased from the County of San Bernardino, which borders the Big Morongo Canyon Preserve area of critical concern.

Covington Park is shaded by large cottonwood trees, which help to keep the temperature cooler than the surrounding area. Residents and visitors can enjoy the accessible playground with age specific features. The climbing platforms, slides, swings, spin cup and other playground furniture are surrounded by fall-safe rubber surfaces. The shaded pavilion, picnic tables, water fountains grills and restrooms are additional amenities available for park visitors. Two horseshoe pits are situated in deep shade and offer a cool playing area year-round.

The tennis court, newly resurfaced in 2011, offers a quality experience, for youth and seasoned players. Keys are available for day use or may be obtained for a nominal annual amount. (Link to tennis application?) A backboard on the courts allows solo practice time.

A beach sand volleyball court and “The Slab” - skate board; razor and bmx park, occupy the northwest corner of the Park. The Community Building is home to the Children’s Library, the Morongo Valley Art Colony and the site of many local meetings. The multi-purpose room and kitchen are available for private rental s for a nominal fee. The pavilion may also be rented for parties or weddings.

Baseball fields and basketball courts, located on Park Avenue, are available for daily use, when not reserved for league play. The Morongo Valley Youth Sports League hosts a summer softball league for youth 5 – 18 yrs old. Basketball courts, newly refurbished in 2011 are available from dawn to dusk. Dogs and horses are welcome on the trail system or meadow areas but not on the playground areas and playing fields. Animals should be restrained by leash or reins, at all times, when in the Park.

Most park programs exist thanks to volunteers. The Children’s Library, Summer Camp and popular Youth Softball league are hosted by volunteers. Most capital improvements were funded by grant awards and/or volunteer help. From the Covington Family’s original gift to Morongo Valley to the volunteer efforts today, Covington Park stands as a shining example and tangible result of residents working together to benefit our community. Covington Park is open from dawn to dusk daily. Call 760-363-6454 for more information.

Come and enjoy the improvements.

  Covington Park is truly an oasis in the desert community of Morongo Valley. It has been cherished for over 40 years as a community park. The grant funds received from California Integrated Waste Management along with County and State grants, have allowed the District to dramatically improve the safety and design of the Park so that it is accessible to all residents.

  In 2004, the Moronogo Valley Community Services District, in conjunction with a grant from the California Integrated Waste Management Board (CIWMB) refurbished the Covington Park Playground. Grant funds from the CIWMB were used to purchase and install rubber surfacing for the playground. Two types of surfacing were used: a solid poured-in-place flexible material and a shredded rubber mulch. Both products were made entirely of recycled California tire rubber. Over 1,600 tires were used to create the mulch. Approximately 1,200 tires make-up the solid poured-in-place pathway. This surfacing provides a clean, safe play area as well as accessibility for the physically disabled.

Layout for new Covington Park Playground begins
Forms for ADA pathways, curbs and footings for new playground equipment are installed this week. - 3/10/2004

Volunteers Take MV Playground To Next Stage
After months of designing, planning and raising funds through grants by the CSD, over 20 volunteers showed up last Thursday to pour concrete for the pathway of the new playground at Covington Park. Volunteers included concrete finishers, local contractors and any one who could help. - 6/10/2004
This week the rubber compound was applied to the paths and the playground equipment is being installed. There is still much work ahead to finish the project, but for now at least some progress can be seen. This is especially valuable for the armchair critics that have been consistently complaining that volunteers have not been working fast enough to finish the playground. More news soon.

  The Morongo Valley CSD initiated the rehabilitation of its Covington Park playground area due to unsafe playground equipment, grossly inadequate fall zones, and the inaccessible nature of the playground layout.

  The District was able to secure three grants for this large community project. The first grant was funded through the San Bernardino County CDBG Program. A grant for equipment in the amount of $36,000.00 allowed for the purchase of equipment for three distinct age group areas, one transitional area, and one swing area. The CIWMB grant in the amount of $25,000.00 allowed for the purchase of recycled rubber product to provide clean, safe, and accessible fall areas. Additionally, the use of the rubber provided a pathway linking the play areas as well as created a theme for the “nature park”. Funding from the 2002 Bond Act has allowed for additional rehabilitation, providing sprinklers, lighting, sidewalks, landscaping, tables and benches. All playground equipment has been installed per current California public playground safety and ADA requirements. Rubber fall material has been installed as required based upon equipment height. Poured-in-place rubber surfacing was also used for connecting pathways between play areas. Age-appropriate play areas have been designated to further support a safe environment. The recycled rubber most notably, is providing a clean and inviting area for children of all ages. The rubber mulch was ordered in six colors and then hand-mixed to give the appearance of natural landscaping. The recycled rubber along with the farmed trees that Kompan uses for the construction of their “Big Toys” playground equipment line support the District’s commitment to the environment and serve as an example to the community of the value of recycled goods.

  The Morongo Valley Community Services District has continued the development of the Covington Park Playground and surrounding picnic areas. Utilizing funding from their State 2002 Bond Act, new concrete tables and benches have been installed. A concrete pathway is being installed in phases in order to complete the Park’s ADA objectives. Twenty-five fifteen gallon trees were planted the week of March 14, 2005 to provide shade for the playground. Additionally, the restroom facility is being replaced by a new structure that will reduce water and paper usage. The District is committed to setting an example for the community by improving energy efficiency as well. The District hired a full-time groundskeeper in August 2004 to insure the maintenance of the Park and playground facility.

Tennis Court Key Application or Renewal

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