Valley View Illegal Dumping Cleanup - April 29 2006

A mountain of trash was collected by the Morongo Valley Clean Team this Saturday (4/29). Thanks to three tractors, 20 volunteers and a dumpster provided by the State this site, right off Valley View Road in Morongo, was picked clean of years of illegal dumping. In addition to filling a dumpster, the Team filled a pick up truck with tires, and three pick up truck loads of metal were hauled to the local recycling transfer station. Discount Tire in Yucca Valley agreed to take the tires for no charge. In June, the team will tackle a home on Polaris. To get involved contact Linda Bailey at



The creation of the Morongo Valley Clean Team was inspired by news of successful Clean Team work in Yucca Valley and Joshua Tree. Linda Bailey attended Yucca Valley's Clean Team meetings for a few months to get information and direction. Our first meeting and cleanup were held in April 2004 and since that time we've had a steady crew of community volunteers participating in cleanup work. The sole purpose of the Clean Team is to clean up trash and litter throughout our community and provide opportunities for specialized cleanup events for residents. The Morongo Valley Clean Team has been fortunate to receive support with monetary contributions and in-kind goods and services to enhance our efforts. At our second annual meeting and potluck on June 24, 2005 it was announced that the Morongo Valley Chamber of Commerce would, for a second year, sponsor us with a financial contribution.

Clean Team Tire Recycling at Earth Fest

All Photos © By Tim Parrott

Following is a list of accomplishments through April 2005:
  • Initiated CT with a meeting (to be annual) April 21, 2004
  • Organized 11 cleanups from 4/24/04 through 4/23/05
  • Organized a tire recycling event April 23, 2005 (funded by Code Enforcement of San Bernardino County)
  • Established good working relationships with San Bernardino County's Code Enforcement and Solid Waste Management Divisions (Solid Waste supplied our t-shirts)
  • Generated community support which resulted in goods or services from Circle K, Mission Springs Water District (Desert Hot Springs), Discount Tires Center (Yucca Valley) and Swarat Signs
  • Received monetary donations from the MV Chamber ($300) and individuals
  • Undertook publicity efforts (with Tim Parrott's expertise) through announcements in the Hi-Desert Star, a column in the Morongo Valley Hardware Store newsletter and sandwich board signs created by Swarat Signs
  • Maintained contact with volunteers and interested residents about CT activities with mailings as needed
  • Compiled information and prepared a handout, "Opportunities for Recycling for Morongo Valley Residents"
  • Maintained accurate financial records and submitted to Morongo Valley Chamber (major sponsor of the CT)
Recently plans have been confirmed for a County-sponsored Household Hazardous Waste and CRT (cathode ray tube) Special Collection Day here in Morongo Valley at the ballfield parking lot on Park Ave. The event will be held on Saturday, November 19, 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Will accept: televisions, computer monitors, flourescent lightbulbs and more...

For more information or to be included on the Clean Team's mailing list, contact Linda Bailey at (760) 363-6004.

All Photos © By Tim Parrott
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