BIRDS and BIRDING - November 2011
By Kathy Lahti

November 30, 2011
In Morongo Preserve and Covington Park offer good birding; however, the number of species is less than usual. During the week, 49 species were seen and on today’s walk, 34.
On this Wednesday’s walk, 22 birders saw some absolutely beautiful yellow Cottonwood leaves. In addition, we saw two flocks of birds: American Robins which are common during the winter and Cedar Waxwings which are also common winter residents; Costa’s Hummingbird which usually leaves in the winter; a Loggerhead Shrike which is uncommon at any time; Song Sparrows which are common during the year; a fast moving Ruby-crowned Kinglet; and a Red-naped Sapsucker which is uncommon in the winter.

November 17, 2011
Big Morongo Preserve and Covington offer good birding. The number of species is somewhat better than last week.
On this Wednesday’s walk, 28 birders saw 38 species. The number seen during the week was 46. A few of the more unusual include: a Merlin which is extremely rare in the winter time; an Oak Titmouse which is uncommon to see during the year; a Mountain Chickadee which is uncommon in winter; and a White-breasted Nuthatch which is uncommon in the winter. We saw 21 Yellow-rumped Warblers, common resident in the winter.

November 10, 2011
Big Morongo Preserve and Covington Park do offer good birding; however, the number of species has declined in this past week. Perhaps that is because of the cold weather we have had recently.
On this Wednesday’s walk, 18 birders saw 33 different species. The more unusual include: the Ruby-crowned Kinglet which is a common winter resident and moves so rapidly that it is difficult to view it; again, the Yellow-shafted Flicker, uncommon here; A Sharp-shinned Hawk which is uncommon in the winter and treated us to a soaring show; California Quail which is uncommon here; and 30 White-crowned Sparrows which are common winter residents.

November 2, 2011
Big Morongo Preserve and Covington Park continue to offer opportunities for birding. Within the past week, 54 species were seen and 47 on today’s walk. However, the number of actually birds of each species is less.
On this Wednesday’s walk, 23 birders saw the following along with the normal residents: an American Pipit, an unusual transient; a Sharp-shinned Hawk, an uncommon winter bird; an Oak Titmouse, uncommon bird during the year; a beautiful Bewick’s Wren, commonly seen during the year; a Ruby-crowned Kinglet, common in the winter; a Scott’s Oriole, rare in the winter; Cedar Waxwings, frequent in winter; and a Pine Siskin, Frequent in the winter.


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